Welcome to Turbo - The Future of Meme Coins!

Turbo Token (TURBO) is a revolutionary meme coin featuring our futuristic toad mascot. Hop on board and join the ride!

What is TURBO?

Turbo Token began as a bold experiment in cryptocurrency creation. Inspired by the power of artificial intelligence, the project's founder turned to GPT-4 with a simple challenge: create the next great meme coin, starting with a budget of just $69. Confident in the AI's abilities, the founder pledged to follow all instructions provided by GPT-4 and document the process.

Driven by the innovative insights of GPT-4 and fueled by the enthusiasm of its community, Turbo Token has come a long way from its humble beginnings. Today, the token stands as a testament to the power of AI-guided creativity, and the potential it holds for reshaping the world of cryptocurrency. As we continue our journey, we invite you to join us in exploring the exciting possibilities that lie ahead for Turbo Token and its community.

Want to learn more about the origin story of Turbo?

"How I used AI to make a $20M memecoin"


We utilize Rubic's robust multi-chain capabilities to deliver a safer, more reliable experience for Turbo buyers.

When you trade tokens directly through our site, you are guaranteed to be transacting with the correct tokens every time. This is made possible by the innovative technology provided by Rubic, which eliminates the risks of buying fraudulent or misrepresented tokens - a common issue faced on less secure platforms.


Turbo Token follows a unique tokenomics model to ensure a fair and successful distribution:

  • No taxes
  • Crowdfunded launch
  • Fairly distributed
  • Contract will be renounced

View our whitepaper for a more detailed breakdown of our tokenomics.